All you need is love. But a little Tía Sandy's now and then doesn't hurt.

Meet Tía Sandy

Sandra Acevedo has been creating magic in the kitchen since she was a child in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

After spending time in New York and the Midwest, life and family brought her to the hustle and bustle of South Florida. There, she spent years overseeing international global outreach partnerships for a private university in Miami, while never stepping away from her love of cooking.

She continued to share her dishes with friends and family over traditional Colombian coffee and some really great music. Of course, they all called her Tía (aunt) Sandy.

Tía Sandy rolls out the dough
And fills it with love
Then cooks it just so...

She sprinkles with spice,
Dances so fine
And her empanadas
Turn out divine.

Over time, Tía Sandy became ill for no apparent reason. Getting through some of her days became really tough. After years of searching for answers, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

Cooking and sharing her food with others helped her focus on the joy of doing what she loves rather than her pain. After visiting her niece, Heather, in Arkansas she knew it was time for a change; the people, surroundings and spirit of the magical town had called to her. Selling most of what she owned, Tía Sandy moved to the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Eureka Springs. 

On a magnificent and quintessentially Eureka Springs summer day, Tía Sandy and Heather got to talking and revisited Tía Sandy’s dream of having her own place to share her food with others. It was then that Tía Sandy’s was born, and what was once a dream is now reality.  

Tía Sandy’s Empanadas & More represents her take on South American cuisine, made with Ozark Mountain ingredients; a beautiful marriage of her heritage and her home. It is her sincere hope her food will feed the stomachs, souls and hearts of everyone she has the honor of serving. 

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High-Quality Ingredients

We source locally. No peanuts, soy, corn or vegetable oils are used in food production. Vegetarian dishes are prepared separately from
meat and poultry dishes to avoid

Locally Sourced

Only the highest quality ingredients are used, and we work to source locally.


Tía Sandy's recipes are influenced by her Colombian heritage and travels throughout South America.

Made with Joy

Tía Sandy has spent hours in the kitchen cooking and evolving recipes over the years while dancing to her favorite music.


Our Food Philosophy

what matters to us

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